by Susan Glaspell (1921)

Act 1

Gradmother - Female, Over 50 yrs

Scene partner - Smith

Monologue - Comedic, Under 1:00 min


Silas thinks 'twas a great thing for our family to have a family like theirs next place to. Well — so 'twas, for we've had no time for the things their family was brought up on. Old Mrs Fejevary, she weren't stuck up — but she did have an awful ladylike way of feeding the chickens. Silas thinks — oh, my son has all kinds of notions — though a harder worker never found his bed at night.

[Smith: And Mr Fejevary — is he a veteran too?]

Felix Fejevary and Silas Morton went off together, down that road when them of their age was wanted. Fejevary came back with one arm less than he went with. Silas brought home everything he took — and something he didn't. Rheumatiz. So now they set more store by each other 'an ever. Seems nothing draws men together like killing other men.