On the High Road

by Anton Chekhov (1884)

One Act

Borstov - Male, 35 to 50 yrs

Scene partner - Tihon

Monologue - Dramatic, Under 1:00 min


Just a little glass. I'll pay you for it later.

[Tihon: That's enough now.]

I ask you! Do be kind to me!

[Tihon: Get away!]

You don't understand me.... Understand me, you fool, if there's a drop of brain in your peasant's wooden head, that it isn't I who am asking you, but my inside, using the words you understand, that's what's asking! My illness is what's asking! Understand!

[Tihon: We don't understand anything.... Get back!]

Because if I don't have a drink at once, just you understand this, if I don't satisfy my needs, I may commit some crime. God only knows what I might do! In the time you've kept this place, you rascal, haven't you seen a lot of drunkards, and haven't you yet got to understand what they're like? They're diseased! You can do anything you like to them, but you must give them vodka! Well, now, I implore you! Please! I humbly ask you! God only knows how humbly!

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