The Anniversary

by Anton Chekhov (1889)

One Act

Titiana - Female, Under 25 yrs

Scene partner - Shipuchin

Monologue - Comedic, 1:00 to 2:00 min


In a minute, in a minute. I'll tell you everything in one minute and go. I'll tell you from the very beginning. Well.... When you were seeing me off, you remember I was sitting next to that stout lady, and I began to read. I don't like to talk in the train. I read for three stations and didn't say a word to anyone.... Well, then the evening set in, and I felt so mournful, you know, with such sad thoughts! A young man was sitting opposite me — not a bad-looking fellow, a brunette.... Well, we fell into conversation.... A sailor came along then, then some student or other.... I told them that I wasn't married... and they did look after me! We chattered till midnight, the brunette kept on telling the most awfully funny stories, and the sailor kept on singing. My chest began to ache from laughing. And when the sailor — oh, those sailors! — when he got to know my name was TATIANA, you know what he sang? "Onegin don't let me conceal it, I love Tatiana madly!"

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