The Lady from the Sea

by Henrik Ibsen (1888)

Act 2

Ellida - Female, Under 35 yrs

Scene partner - Wangel

Monologue - Dramatic, Under 1:00 min


We never spoke of such things.

[Wangel: Of what did you speak, then?]

We spoke mostly about the sea.

[Wangel: Ah! About the sea —]

About storms and calm. Of dark nights at sea. And of the sea in the glittering sunshiny days we spoke also. But we spoke most of the whales, and the dolphins, and the seals who lie out there on the rocks in the midday sun. And then we spoke of the gulls, and the eagles, and all the other sea birds. I think — isn't it wonderful? — when we talked of such things it seemed to me as if both the sea beasts and sea birds were one with him.

[Wangel: And with you?]

[Yes;] I almost thought I belonged to them all, too.

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