The Lady from the Sea

by Henrik Ibsen (1888)

Act 5

Ellida - Female, Under 35 yrs

Scene partner - Wangel

Monologue - Dramatic, 1:00 to 2:00 min


You can never prevent the choice, neither you nor anyone. You can forbid me to go away with him — to follow him — in case I should choose to do that. You can keep me here by force — against my will. That you can do. But that I should choose, choose from my very soul — choose him, and not you — in case I would and did choose thus — this you cannot prevent.

[Wangel: No; you are right. I cannot prevent that.]

And so I have nothing to help me to resist. Here, at home, there is no single thing that attracts me and binds me. I am so absolutely rootless in your house, Wangel. The children are not mine — their hearts, I mean — never have been. When I go, if I do go, either with him tonight, or to Skjoldviken tomorrow, I haven't a key to give up, an order to give about anything whatsoever. I am absolutely rootless in your house — I have been absolutely outside everything from the very first.

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