The Rover Part I

by Aphra Behn (1677)

Act 2 Scene 2

Willmore - Male, 25 to 35 yrs

Scene partner - Angelica

Monologue - Comedic, 1:00 to 2:00 min


Yes, I am poor — but I’m a Gentleman,
And one that scorns this Baseness which you practise.
Poor as I am, I would not sell my self,
No, not to gain your charming high-priz’d Person.
Tho I admire you strangely for your Beauty,
Yet I contemn your Mind.
— And yet I wou’d at any rate enjoy you;
At your own rate — but cannot — See here
The only Sum I can command on Earth;
I know not where to eat when this is gone:
Yet such a Slave I am to Love and Beauty,
This last reserve I’ll sacrifice to enjoy you.
— Nay, do not frown, I know you are to be bought,
And wou’d be bought by me,
For a mean trifling Sum, if I could pay it down.
Which happy knowledge I will still repeat,
And lay it to my Heart, it has a Virtue in’t,
And soon will cure those Wounds your Eyes have made.
— And yet — there’s something so divinely powerful there —
Nay, I will gaze — to let you see my Strength.

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