The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov (1896)

Act 2

Treplieff - Male, Under 25 Yrs

Scene partner - Nina

Monologue - Comedic or dramatic, 1:00 to 2:00 min


All this began when my play failed so dismally. A woman never can forgive failure. I have burnt the manuscript to the last page. Oh, if you could only fathom my unhappiness! Your estrangement is to me terrible, incredible; it is as if I had suddenly waked to find this lake dried up and sunk into the earth. You say you are too simple to understand me; but, oh, what is there to understand? You disliked my play, you have no faith in my powers, you already think of me as commonplace and worthless, as many are. How well I can understand your feelings! And that understanding is to me like a dagger in the brain. May it be accursed, together with my stupidity, which sucks my life-blood like a snake! [TRIGORIN approaches] There comes real genius, striding along like another Hamlet, and with a book, too. "Words, words, words." You feel the warmth of that sun already, you smile, your eyes melt and glow liquid in its rays. I shall not disturb you.

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