The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov (1896)

Act 2

Arkadina - Female, 35 to 50 yrs

Scene partner - Masha

Monologue - Comedic, Under 1:00 min


You don't live. It is a maxim of mine never to look into the future. I never admit the thought of old age or death, and just accept what comes to me.

[Masha: I feel as if I had been in the world a thousand years, and I trail my life behind me like an endless scarf. Often I have no desire to live at all. Of course that is foolish. One ought to pull oneself together and shake off such nonsense.]

And then I keep myself as correct-looking as an Englishman. I am always well-groomed, as the saying is, and carefully dressed, with my hair neatly arranged. Do you think I should ever permit myself to leave the house half-dressed, with untidy hair? Certainly not! I have kept my looks by never letting myself slump as some women do. See me, tripping on tiptoe like a fifteen-year-old girl.

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